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    英语作文The Rainiest Winter(最多雨的冬天)
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    英语作文The Rainiest Winter(最多雨的冬天)

    The Rainiest Winter(最多雨的.冬天)

    {3}This is the rainiest winter I have ever passed. During this long period I heard all kinds of complaints whenever I went out, coming mostly from merchants, farmers and, especially, students. The weather, however, didn’t bother me much, for what interests me most is reading indoors. This winter I spent most of my time staying in my small attic, enjoying reading my favorite books and sometimes, if I got tired of reading, watching the beautiful scenery outside the window overlooking a small river close by my house. On those rare occasions when the skies cleared up I would direct my gaze to those

    The Rainiest Winter(最多雨的冬天)

    {4}This winter is the rainiest winter I have ever experienced. Since last December the rain has been falling almost unceasingly. The cloudy and weeping sky was a depressing sight to me most of the mornings; still, I had to put on my raincoat and start my motorcycle so that I could report to work on time. The weather bureau said it had registered a record rainfall in eighty years. Eighty years? This is the first time my grandma has seen such a long spell of rain! The farmers are sad, worrying about the stunted rice plants in the rain. The housewives frown at the soaring price of vegetables. Furthermore, if you have a little baby, are sure to get into a lot of trouble. It takes a long time to have the diapers dried--not really dry but still a little damp. Do you want to buy a dryer? Sorry, It’s not available at the shops. The only way around this problem is perhaps to buy many "Pampers." Despite people’s complaining, praying and hoping against hope, the rain has gone on almost without any letup. Everywhere you could hear people say, “It starts to rain again” or “Oh, such lousy weather!” or something like that. Although most people feel bad after such a long period of rain, there are some who are actually happy about this freaky weather. The taxi drivers, for example, have gotten an income thrice as much as what they usually get. The gloomy days have lasted so long that I can hardly remember when last saw the beautiful golden sunshine. One day my three-year-old daughter asked me, “Mama. How come the book tells me the sky is blue, but it is not?” I simply didn’t know how to answer her.

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