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  • 使用动物实验英语作文
    • 作者:admin
    • 发表时间:2020-09-16 10:31
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    Nowadays, experimental usage of animal has become a widely concerned issue around the world. People hold diverse views towards it.

    Adversaries claim that it is an extremely crude behavior. Animals, especially mammals, like dogs, cats, rabbits, rats, which are the major victims in the experimentation, are usually human’s pets.

    Pet owners are strongly against it for they firmly believe that animals suffer physically and mentally as we do. When equality is advocated in the modern world, it is inhuman to disrespect creatures that are not human beings.

    Furthermore, a number of experts pointed out that it would be at high stake of depending on the results of animal experiment; since they differ from us in many ways.

    Take the body structure for example, we can’t imagine humans try to jump from the height of nine stories without any protection because cats survive out of the same test.

    Those in favor of the idea about usage of animal declare that using animal is an advisable choice.

    On one hand because their bodies are similar in function to ours. For instance, they catch colds, suffer from stomachs and heart diseases, which more importantly influenced by diet and habits.

    The consequences of the test may not be applied to humans, although they are highly connected to the human situations. On the other hand, those creatures yell and act abnormally when they feel uncomfortable, which is what exactly researchers expect. In addition, there is an easy-to-answer question:isn’t it crueler to test directly on people with little knowledge on the objects’ effects? In a word, there is nothing better than animal that resemble human the best for experiment.

    Personally, I am not a supporter of animal experiments, yet there is anything more suitable can replace them, I accept using animals for tests, but take good care of them when they are not in the laboratory.

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